The Basics Of Solar Pool Heating

The Basics Of Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating works based on circulating pool water through a large-sized heat exchange surface that is usually located on the roof of a building and absorbs the energy from the sun. The underlying principle behind solar pool heating is quite similar to the working of a car radiator – with the exception that solar pool heating means only collecting the heat and not radiating it.

Solar Collectors

Solar pool heating must include solar collectors which are normally flat back panels that are made out of plastics derived from the use of high technology the collectors are also specially designed so as to be able to resist weather conditions as well as UV radiation.

Using solar pool heating provides you with several advantages including using a free energy source – sunshine – and there are no costs associated when making use of and operating solar pool heating solutions. In addition, such a system is also environmentally friendly as solar energy is both non-polluting and renewable.

The downside to solar pool heating is that solar energy does not mean being able to get heat on demand and so unless there is an abundance of sunlight available you are not assured of having a pool with sufficiently warm water in it. And, of course, you cannot increase the amount of available solar energy as is the case when making use of gas energy and even electricity.

solar pool heater

The initial investment in purchasing solar pool heating solutions is roughly any amount between three and five thousand dollars for which sum of money you can heat a pool of between three and four hundred square foot is. The good news is that once installed, the solar pool heating solution is going to provide you with excellent service for between fifteen and twenty years and it will also pay for itself in just two to three years after which you can heat your pool for free.

To benefit from solar pool heating and because the technologies involved are somewhat confusing it is best to consult a certified solar contractor before installing your system. In the end, there is no denying the fact that the right solar pool heating system will end up saving you a lot of money and at the same time it will also ensure minimal if any greenhouse gas emissions. This means that it is a win-win situation for everyone concerned and so it will pay to consider installing one such system to heat your pool.

Cut Costs Of Pool Water Heating By Installing A Solar Pool Heating System

Without a doubt, a solar pool heating system can prove to be a very cost-efficient solution to heating a pool, and, besides saving you plenty of money, the solar pool heating system will also prove to be environmentally friendly as it hardly gives rise to any greenhouse emissions. Heating up a pool with solar energy is one of the best solutions because a solar pool heating system is really very simple to use and it is also very affordable as well.

Simple And Inexpensive

In most cases, the solar pool heating system comprises simple as well as inexpensive collectors made out of unglazed plastic. What’s more, the pool itself can serve as thermal storage for your solar heating system and the pump that also forms a part of the system will help in circulating the water through the solar collectors. These features help ensure that your solar pool heating system stays simple and costs what everyone can afford to buy.

The simplest solar pool heating system is priced at just a hundred dollars. Furthermore, there is a likelihood that your state might also provide you with tax incentives for installing a solar pool heating system. These are good reasons to go for such systems. And, to cut the costs of running your solar pool heating system, you will also use a good quality pool cover, usually available for between eighty-five and one hundred and fifty dollars.

A lookup at estimated solar pool heating system costs shows that in Denver your system would cost you about two thousand hundred and twenty dollars without a cover and for the cover you can add another one hundred and sixty-eight dollars. Of course, you can substitute the cover with solar rings which are usually a few feet in diameter, and if you purchase enough of them to cover about eighty percent of your pool you can dispense with having to purchase a pool cover.

If you need more information regarding the solar pool heating system you would do well to check out the Florida Solar Energy Center where you will get to learn about collector sizing and the economics of installing such a system as well as how to install the system.

If you happen to be a person that considers yourself to be good at handyman skills then the idea of installing DIY solar pool heating systems should be interesting enough to galvanize you to look for the necessary materials and tools. Reading up on books that help you understand how to install a solar pool heating system too makes sense and so besides having the materials and tools on hand you will also need written material to help you complete your project in less time and with maximum chance of success.

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