The Original Solar Heating System Design Dealt With Heating Domestic Water

The Original Solar Heating System Design Dealt With Heating Domestic Water

Solar heating system designs got a major boost in the seventies when thanks to the availability of tax credits that were being offered by federal and state programs it became easier to go in for solar heating systems. The original solar heating system designs dealt mainly with heating domestic water for different purposes such as taking a shower and for dishwashing as well as cooking and even clothes-washing. In addition, the early solar heating system designs dealt with heating water in a swimming pool as well as hot tubs. However, once the tax credits began to run out the movement regarding improving solar heating system designs slowed down to a snail’s pace.

Inexpensive components

Many manufacturers of solar heating systems simply shut shop and disappeared as soon as the tax credits were removed. What’s more, many of the early solar heating system designs were poor and made use of inexpensive components and even were not geared to protect against overheating and freezing, and even corrosion.

These flawed and poorly implemented, as well as overly complex solar heating system designs, were not good for the solar industry and so it required a major shakeup to get things back on track. Part of the fault lay in the lack of sufficiently knowledgeable service professionals and also insufficient parts led to flawed solar heating system designs.

In any case, a basic solar heating system design must incorporate collectors, a storage tank, and a heat transfer medium as well as interconnecting plumbing. The collector must be able to intercept the rays from the sun and convert these rays into heat that must then be transferred to a storage tank in which some fluid or water is kept.

solar water system

Then there is an expansion tank that handles changes in the volume of water or heat-transfer fluid which can cause an expansion in these mediums. A valve too is used at the top of the water heater and so when the water overheats or there is too much pressure in the system the solar heating system design allows for the valve to open up and release water till the temperature/pressure returns to normal.

A solar thermal heating system also known as solar hot water or solar water heating is not however commonly found in Central New York where solar electric and also wind energy systems are the preferred choice. However, the solar thermal option is certainly a lot more efficient and it is also a time-tested solution to your heating needs and so should be given serious consideration.

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