Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

Most of the hot water in American homes is supplied by traditional water heaters. As a result, most of these Americans will face the frustrations associated with a broken water heater. Hot water heater problems are to be expected with traditional units. staying with your existing unit and attending to its problems is one way to resolve a hot water heater issue. Or you can integrate eco-friendly habits and install a solar water heater.

Solar water heaters make up 90% of the Israeli hot water supply. A law, effective in 2010, mandates that all homes in Hawaii must have solar water heaters. Californian apartment complex Solara is the first of its kind to operate completely on solar power. Though slow coming, the United States is finally assimilating to the solar movement.Just like traditional water heaters, a solar hot water heater will need to be attended to. However, the advantages of solar powered water heaters are something to consider when looking to replace your existing hot water supply unit.

When homeowners think of solar energy, most think of the impact it has on the planet. Using a solar powered water heater has many “green” benefits, such as limiting pollution and energy consumption. For example, some analysts believe the CO2 emitted from residential water heaters in North America is the same as the CO2 produced by our cars. However, a benefit often overlooked is the financial gains of solar water heaters. Yes, solar water heaters cost more to install, topping out at $3500. Nevertheless, they pay for themselves within 4-8 years because they essentially produce hot water energy for free, a change you will see on your monthly bill.

How to install the hot water heater in your basement differs from how you install a solar water heater. Do-it-yourself solar water heater installation methods abound. However, there are many aspects that go into a solar unit’s installation. For starters, homeowners still need an electrical or gas hookup to their solar water heater to ensure an uninterrupted flow of hot water. Solar water heaters depend on the climate in an area, causing some days to produce more hot water than others. As a result, integrated electrical heaters, or “geyser” systems for gas, are essential for successful solar water heater installation.

Solar water heaters reside on roofs to maximize the solar power they receive. This requires a different set of skills than installing a water heater in a basement. Moreover, local codes, permits, and regulations can deter the DIY homeowner. Thus, if you are not comfortable with the prospect of setting up a new water heater on your roof, contact a professional to do the job.

If your current hot water heater didn’t bite the dust just yet, find out more about water heater repair to sustain the life of your current unit. However, if you do need to replace your existing water heater, consider the benefits of “going green” and contact a licensed professional to help you make an informed decision.

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