Hard Work Pays off in a Big Way

Luxury apartments are nice, but not everyone is able to afford to live in such a nice place. My first apartment in Charlotte cost me just shy of 500 bucks a month, but it was very small and had no amenities to speak of. It was not very nice on the inside or outside, and I never invited anyone over. I was thankful for a place to live, but I was still embarrassed over it. When I was given a much sought after promotion, I started looking at luxury apartments for South Charlotte NC because that had always been my goal.

My income nearly doubled, and I was given a very nice bonus as well that would cover nearly my first year of living in the apartment that I picked out. I was more concerned about what the inside offers than what the outside did, but I still had my eye on that part of it too. The one bedroom unit I got is nearly twice a big as the one I had just left behind, and the amenities inside are amazing. I think my favorite one is the laundry room inside the apartment, which means my days of lugging a laundry basket twice a week up and down the steps is finally over.

I also like that I have a balcony, which is something I have never had before. I sometimes sit out there and eat a meal while reading a good book or just watching the scenery and sunsets, it is that beautiful. Also, this place has a swimming pool, a fitness center, and even Starbucks coffee! It is so different living here, and I am just excited about learning more about the area and enjoying all of the amenities that are here. Hard work really does pay off attractively!