I Am Much Happier Living Here

I was impressed with everything that I saw at the www.palisades-apts.com website. I had heard good things about Palisades from a couple of different people who live there, and they made it sound really nice. When it came time to renew my lease where I was living, I decided to look at the website for Palisades first before signing on for another year. Now, there was nothing wrong with where I live. Well, nothing much, anyway. My only gripe was having to use a laundromat on the premises, but it was something I had gotten used to.

When I looked at the main page for the Palisades and saw where the apartments have a laundry room in each one, I knew it would be very easy to convince me that I needed to move here. It only took looking at the features page for both the apartment as well as the community as a whole for me to know that I wanted to live here. I looked at the floor plans for the one bedroom units, and as soon as I saw the one for The Rolling units, I knew I wanted it for myself.

I checked to see if it was available, and I was really happy to see that there two left. I was able to look at both in person, and I chose the one that is only a minute’s walk to the fitness center. The reason I wanted this one is because it had a den instead of a balcony. I am afraid of heights, so I would never use a balcony. A den, on the other hand, is something that I will definitely put to good use, and have! I am so glad I made this move because I am much happier living here, and that is really all that matters.