Living in a Quality Townhome in Tucker

I am really picky about where I will live. I have to be because if I don’t have standards for myself, I will end up living somewhere that I am just not happy with. I had been looking at a few different places in Tucker to live when I came across the website for the Green Park apartments. I had just started looking at the pictures on the website’s gallery when I knew that I had found my next home. That was without looking at features or floor plans, but I just had a feeling I was not going to be disappointed with either of those things.

A picture really can speak a thousand words when it is the right one, and the photographs I saw of the townhomes and apartments on their website spoke even more. The details really jumped out at me, and I knew that this was a quality place to live. I wanted to look at the features before I did the floor plans, and I was not disappointed. The ceilings in the townhome I decided to get are nine foot tall. The rooms are already spacious, and this just made them appear even more so.

The kitchen ha granite countertops and gorgeous appliances, there is plank flooring, and then my favorite feature of lighting underneath all of the cupboards. There is a laundry room off the kitchen with a quality washer and dryer. The closets are massive, and there is a very attractive ceiling fan in the living room. I prefer showers, but I do enjoy a nice soak at times so the walk in shower as well a the separate bath are perfect for me. There was not a thing I did not enjoy about the features, and it was easy to pick out the townhome I wanted when I looked at the floor plans. This is why I am picky, because I deserve to live in a quality place like this.